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Spring Hill College welcomes new faculty from around the world

甘肃快3怎么玩不输Spring Hill College is pleased to welcome nine new faculty members to The Hill for the 2019-20 school year. They come from Peru to Massachusetts and have degrees and experience from schools such as Loyola University Chicago, University of Notre Dame and, of course, Spring Hill College. The professors and instructors will be in the areas of Nursing, Business, Chemistry, Communication Arts, Theology and Mathematics.

“I am delighted to welcome our new faculty to Spring Hill. While they come out of various backgrounds and fields of study, each one brings to us a commitment to academic excellence, a devotion to teaching the whole person and a commitment to making the world around us a better place,” said Provost Marc Manganaro, PhD.

Phillip Bressie甘肃快3怎么玩不输 is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics with a PhD from Kansas State University. Bressie is a 2010 graduate of Spring Hill College.

Brian Druckenmiller甘肃快3怎么玩不输 is a Visiting Assistant Professor of English with an MFA from the University of Central Florida. He taught most recently at Valencia College.

Ranelka Fernando, PhD of Mobile is Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry, with a degree from Louisiana State University.

Stephanie Gapud of Mobile is an Instructor of Business and a 2015 MBA from Spring Hill College. She is completing her DBA at the University of South Alabama.

Katherine McCord, MSN of Spanish Fort is an Instructor of Nursing, who taught most recently at Coastal Alabama Community College.

Sister Nelida Naveros-Cordova, PhD甘肃快3怎么玩不输 of Kingston, Massachusetts is an Assistant Professor of Theology, with a degree from Johannes Gutenberg Universit?t, Mainz, Germany.

Kathy Sheppard, PhD of Mobile is a Professor and Chairperson of the Department of Nursing.? She comes to us after teaching for many years at the University of Mobile.

Sean Taylor, PhD甘肃快3怎么玩不输 is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics, with a degree from Louisiana State University.

Stacy Wellborn of Mobile is a Visiting Instructor of Communication Arts. Wellborn is currently pursuing her DBA at the University of South Alabama.



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